We very much welcome help from volunteers, especially for the administrative tasks at the Centre.

Before applying, We ask that you are able to commit for at least three months 5 days a week, or 6 months part time.

Why Volunteer with us?

It can boost your confidence
Trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone now and then can help with your confidence.


A way to meet new people
increase your circle of friends, and horizons by meeting people you might not normally meet. Volunteering in Bethnal Green gives you an opportunity to work in a diverse community.


Do something interesting
Do something interesting and challenging in your spare time. You will always be busy doing something at the Legal Advice Centre.


Improving your job experience
Having volunteering on your CV demonstrates that you’re someone with initiative and want to do something new.


office-based work experience in a friendly workplace
Get ahead of the competition for jobs and university places with some real life experience.


Put your useful talents to use
Can speak a different language?  Volunteer as a much-needed interpreter. A flair for design?  Create posters and adverts for us.  Excellent communication skills and people skills? Help us contacting clients


You can get to know the local community
Whether you’ve lived in a town for many years or just here temporarily as a student, you’ll develop a great feel for the people and the place at the Legal Advice Centre.


We always need volunteers
We are a small advice centre and always grateful for help from volunteers. Our volunteers leave feeling like they’ve enjoyed their time with us. We regularly invite volunteers from abroad to help us and always enjoy seeing new faces in the office!


You can make a difference
It can be incredibly rewarding to give something non-financial to a cause you care about.


You do not need a law degree but if you have an interest in the law or helping the local community then please complete the application together with your CV.

We try to process such applications as soon as possible and we will look forward to meeting with you.