Cornwall / Truro Family Advice


Cornwall / Truro Family Advice

We are excited to announce that from Monday 5 November, we will be providing advice on family matters in the Truro area.

OK… What is it?

The advice will be using a live video chat service through our website where you can speak to a solicitor about any questions you have.

The system works on most computers/smartphones (sorry no Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge!)

I Don’t have access to a PC/Smarthpone and need some assistance.

We provide a laptop in the Truro Family court which you can use to chat with us. There will be volunteers available, who will be there to help you chat to us.

What time can I chat with you?

The service is open 9:30am – 4:00pm every Monday.

Sounds great! And If I have some papers I want you to look at?

You will also be able to send us documents online to look through while giving advice.

Where can I find this on your website?

Interested? Find more information and the chat system on our Cornwall advice page

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