Free Legal Writing Tool


Free Legal Writing Tool

Badly treated at work? Use Virtual Lawyer to write to your employer. 

Virtual Lawyer is a free to use tool that helps you write a letter to your employer. It is an award-winning tool developed by the team at Monaco Solicitors who are experts in employment law and legal technology.

The tool is designed to be easy to use by everyone, not just lawyers. It helps you draft a letter quickly using paragraphs relevant to your employment issues. All paragraphs in the tool have been written and reviewed by specialist employment lawyers.

How does it work?

It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Answer a brief questionnaire about your circumstance at work: The tool will ask you a short list of questions and then recommend a selection of relevant paragraphs which you can include in your letter.
  2. Construct a letter from paragraphs: You can read through the recommended paragraphs to decide which ones are most appropriate for your case. Simply drag-and-drop these paragraphs to construct the fundamentals of your legal letter.
  3. Preview and amend your draft letter: Once you are happy with your selected paragraphs, you can preview the final letter. You can then copy your letter into your favourite word processing tool to make the final tweaks.

Virtual Lawyer is completely free and anonymous. There is no need to sign up, or give any of your personal details.

What happens after I write my letter?

Our users use Virtual Lawyer in different ways.

Some of our users feel confident about approaching their employer with their drafted letter. Others may approach pro bono services, like Legal Advice Centre, or other solicitors to get a second opinion. And others use Virtual Lawyer as a way to understand how employment law may apply to their circumstance, and then decide on an action at a later stage.

Can I trust Virtual Lawyer?

All of the content in Virtual Lawyer is vetted by lawyers who are specialists in Employment Law.

The tool is designed by a team of law and technology experts, who are enhancing the recommendations provided to you through the use of cutting-edge AI techniques and data science technology.

How does Legal Advice Centre work with Virtual Lawyer?

Virtual Lawyer is a tool built to improve access to justice and empower everyone to self-help on legal matters.

Legal Advice Centre is working in partnership with Monaco Solicitors, and provides important input into how Virtual Lawyer will evolve in the future to better meet the needs of the public.

I have some problems using the tool. Who do I contact?

Get in touch with the Virtual Lawyer team at

I would like to offer feedback to improve the tool.

We always welcome feedback. Simply get in touch with the Virtual Lawyer team at

In addition, we are looking for people who are interested in being part of our user research. In a user research session, participants walk us through their experience of using the tool. The session takes 30 minutes, and your feedback will provide us with great insights on how to improve the app.

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